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Hi, I am Florent Revest.

Computer science student at INSA Toulouse, I'm crazy about programming and free softwares.

Technologies: OpenEmbedded/Yocto, C++, Qt5, QML, libhybris

A free and open-source smartwatch platform based on OpenEmbedded, libhybris and Qt5
       Related: Technical talks given at FOSDEM 2016, the Capitole du Libre 2015(canceled), and Linux Embedded Meetup Toulouse group.


Technologies: C++, i2c, ENet, PID Regulations

An open source quadcopter flight system and ground control station software based on a Raspberry Pi.
       Related: Articles written to document the drone creation from scratch.


Technologies: Android, Java, SQLite

A fully-featured Android music player with multiple rewards. (Removed from PlayStore)
       Related Promoted by France Info's "Nouveau monde à emporter", Life of Android (8,1/10), App of the day 27/04/13 TuttoAndroid (4/5), "Recommended Android App" on front page of Brothersoft Android for several years.

Google Code-In contest
Technologies: Android, Java, C++

Various contributions to open source projects. (KDE and OpenIntents)


Technologies: C, Asm x86

A tiny x86 kernel experiment developed with a friend in order to learn low level C.

Google Code-In contest
Technologies: C++

Various contributions to open source projects. (HaikuOS)


Technologies: C++, Qt4, Xlib, Phonon

A Qt4 based desktop environment project with file manager, desktop, taskbar, main menu, text editor, music player and common library.