Hi, I am Florent Revest

Yet another software engineer bragging on the Internet. Feel free to get in touch!


I created and maintain an open-source operating system for smartwatches named AsteroidOS. I have been an embedded Linux consultant for a couple of years for automotive and mobile companies. At Bootlin, I started the Allwinner VPU device driver now in the Linux kernel.


At the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), I turned a KIA Niro into a self-driving car using Baidu Apollo. Few years ago, I built a drone with a Raspberry Pi and programmed its flight system and ground control station from scratch.


I was previously an intern at ARM Cambridge, working on firmware sandboxing and memory protection hypervisors. I wrote my own x86 kernel back when I was a teenager. I extended Valgrind to model a process’ memory accesses as graphs.


I worked on LIDAR Simultaneous Localization And Mapping for autonomous driving at EasyMile. I wrote a video anonymization tool. I reimplemented the OpenCV face detection algorithm. I worked as a teaching assistant in the “Computer Vision and Deep Learning” class of NTNU.


I wrote an X11 desktop environment named Nebulae, including various apps. I coded an EGLFS backend for the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries. I developed Android apps downloaded more than 15000 times, including a music player, a books library, a game or a smartwatch sync.


I have been a technical speaker at various conferences, including FOSDEM (Brussels), QtCon (Berlin), C++ Workshops, Embedded Meetups, Capitole du Libre (Toulouse), FOSS-North (Gothenburg) and a few other events. You can find the slides of my talks on SlideShare.


My contributions got me featured as a Hero Open Source Developer on the Sony Mobile website. My work found its way to articles on Wikipedia, Engadget, Wired, Digital Trends, PCWorld, The Register, XDA-Dev, Golem, Android Authority and many others…


I strive to appreciate beauty around me. I find that having a camera around the neck is a great way to force myself to pay more attention to my surroundings. I share a selection of my favorite shots (mostly wildlife, landscapes and architecture) on my Flickr account.


I like absurdism, progressive metal and playing the piano. Younger, I made some electronics projects like a Bluetooth speaker out of my toothbrush box, I also built a universal remote control to annoy TV sales clerks. I participated in WCPS (ICPC training), Google Code In and Code Jam.